What We Do

Over the last 17 years, V-Mark has established itself as an innovative leader in electronic products and outdoor sports products. We are not only an OEM and ODM, but also develop our own line of products under the V-Mark brand. Our product line extends to highly accurate digital scales, thermometers, a temperature monitoring system, a UWB precision location system, and an electronic shelf label system. V-Mark offers easy-to-implement products and solutions that enhance client operations and increase efficiency.

Our Client Focus

We pursue new technology to align ourselves with the goals of our clients, resulting in high client satisfaction. We believe innovation and quality are key in achieving success in this industry, we deliver these with excellent client service. V-Mark has invested in a K3-ERP system to improve our production management and to help our clients remotely monitor their product development. This results in high productivity and efficient quality control to meet all delivery dates. We are also certified under ISO9001 regulations to ensure our production process meets global production standards. Furthermore, to communicate our dedication to quality, we are a proud member of the Zigbee Alliance, with our products certified under Zigbee Retail Services.

ZigBee Certified

ZigBee Member Logo V-Mark is a proud member of the ZigBee Alliance, with our products certified under the ZigBee Retail Services.

News and Events

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