product_temperature_tag Temperature Tag

The Temperature Tag is a compact and easy-to-install digital temperature sensing module that provides accurate and reliable readings of temperatures ranging from -55˚C to 80˚ Celsius (-67°F to 176°F).

 product_router_lg Wireless Access Point

The ZigBee Wireless Access Point is a router that serves as the connection between the temperature tags and a sensor monitoring application on the computer. It is reliable and allows data to flow securely on all of the devices on the ZigBee network.

ESL Thumbnail Electronic Shelf Label

The Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is mounted onto a store shelf and programmed to display information that customers would find on conventional shelf labels.

shopping cart copy Intelligent Shopping Cart

The Intelligent Shopping Cart (ISC) can instantly determine the weight of items with high precision and accuracy, facilitating the efficiency and security of intelligent shopping.

 product_digital_scale100 Digital Scale

As an ODM, V-Mark has developed a variety of advanced digital scales ranging from 15 lb to 100 lb, with features that are unique in the industry.

UWB tag handheld thumbnail Positioning Tags

Affix these positioning tags to assets or personnel in order to monitor and track their location with excellent real-time accuracy.

5C2C8551 blank Antenna and Reader

The antennas are mounted with the readers to receive the UWB signals transmitted from the positioning tags, allowing the data to flow to the synchronous controller.

Controller Thumbnail Synchronous Controller

The synchronous controller serves as the main coordinator of the arriving data, allowing quick and flexible networking.