UWB Precision Location System

The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Precision Location System locates personnel and items, indoor and outdoor, with high precision using UWB, a wireless carrier radio technology. This technology is based on the Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA) of UWB wave pulses nanoseconds apart, achieving 2D and 3D position readings of within 10 cm accuracy. Traditional location technology is based on signal strength and quality, often resulting in unsatisfactory results and high energy usage. UWB location technology fills the gap by transmitting in a way that does not interfere with conventional signals, preventing jamming and the multipath effect, all while delivering highly precise readings and requiring less power.

The UWB Precision Location System consists of positioning tags to be located, several location readers with antennas, and a synchronous controller to support quick and flexible networking.

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This solution can be used in a wide variety of settings, ranging from production line management and position-sensitive scheduling, to security maximization and prison management. For example, this technology can be implemented in airports substations, within mines, at wharves, at stations, at hotels, and at banks in order to increase efficiency and ensure security.


  • The system realizes a large capacity and high throughput rate, giving it the ability to locate thousands of tags at the same time.
  • Location network setup is fast and flexible, allowing the system to be set up over many types of locations over a large area.
  • Tags are automatically recognized and recorded into the network, minimizing setup.
  • Intelligent system management software records and shows graphical displays of the tags’ movement path, operating logs, data on system use, and other functions.
  • The positioning tag can be easily carried and has low energy consumption, the replaceable battery lasting for more than one year.
  • The completely sealed positioning reader can be used indoor or outdoor, guaranteeing long-term stability even in a harsh natural environment.

A Synchronous Controller (left), four types of positioning tags (middle), and an antenna atop a location reader (right).

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